12 thoughts on “11th Day of Buttery Christmas

    1. Welcome! Emily says little black pound puppies are the best! Is your Bear, named Bear and a golden? If so give Sammy and Bear a scritch from us, if you have a real bear give Sammy the scritch and Bear a salmon:) Happy Holidays!

    1. You are more than welcome, it fills our hearts to know the pictures make your day brighter, thank you! And Merry Christmas & Happy New Years to you.

  1. Katie, our Golden, passed several years ago at 12. We have had many dogs, each special , but Kate was specialer for all the reasons that Butters obviously embodies. I spent more time laughing with that dog. ” We” played together. I trained dogs for 15 years. I never knew a large breed any better suited to a home with children. Golden’s are so easy going. If you looked up Golden Retriever in the dictionary it would say ” see Butters ”

    Happy Holidays

    1. Thank you for sharing about your Katie with us. Our last Golden was named Kate, we lost her at age 13, two years ago and there is still a great big space left behind by her huge pawprints of laughter and love. It amazing how much love these amazing dogs bring into our lives in not nearly enough time! Happy Holidays.

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