Mom loves our vet, me, I’m not so sure…


It’s never a good thing when you find yourself sitting in the car in the Vet’s parking lot after your folks forgot to feed you breakfast!!!


Wait, what just happened here? A very nice lady was giving me a hug and now I can’t feel my face!


Really folks, it’s just a limp, I feel fine, can we stop this crazy ride now???


Lovely bones! My 8 year old bones & joints are aging very well, no arthritis, and more importantly, NO bone cancer!!!!


I am quite adorable, even when I am drugged!


Even my bones are cute, don’t you think? Digital radiographs are really quite amazing! And my wonderful health care team took terrific care of me. I forgive them for their weird drug hugs, but hope they don’t ever do that again!


Mom tells me the vets says I have to take 4 months off of any physical activity so my shoulder injury can properly heal. That’s a lot of couch surfing! But with enough cookies, I think I can do it. Mom & Dad were very happy, they apparently were very concerned about me. I am happy to be home, where’s my breakfast!?!?!?!

3 thoughts on “Mom loves our vet, me, I’m not so sure…

  1. I just love The Butters. I am so glad he is fine and just has to rest. He is such a special fellow and you are such special caring parents.

  2. Thank you Butters, for making my day! So happy to hear you will be fine after some R and R. Or maybe after C and C (couch and cookies). Not many of us would look so adorable upside down with our tongue hanging out!

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